Criminal Defense

Mark Stevens – San Antonio Criminal Defense Lawyer

  Each criminal case is unique; there is no single solution to every problem faced by persons accused of crime. An effective, experienced criminal lawyer who has handled many different types of cases is the best person to help you figure out the right solution in your case.

If given a choice, most people would rather not go to trial. Sometimes a well-prepared lawyer can convince the prosecutor or judge that a case should be dismissed before it ever gets to court. Sometimes favorable plea bargains can be reached that result in reduced charges or lighter sentences, without need of trial.

Although you might prefer to avoid it, there are times that a trial is the only way properly to resolve your case. The best criminal lawyers seek to resolve cases without a trial, but also know how to fight in court when favorable settlement is not available.

  When a trial is required, juries can usually be trusted to reach the correct result. If a trial is had and the judge, the prosecutor, or the jury makes a mistake, though, an appeal to a higher court may be necessary. Effective criminal lawyers can handle cases at the trial level, but also know how to write briefs and argue in the appellate courts.

  Once your case is resolved in court, there may be ways to clean up your record, so you can move on with your life. Juveniles can sometimes seal their records which makes them unavailable to the general public. Adults whose cases are dismissed, or who have been found not guilty, can often have their arrest records expunged, making it possible for them honestly to say they have never been arrested. The remedy of "nondisclosure" is similar to expunction, and is available to certain people who receive deferred adjudication probation. A knowledgeable criminal attorney can determine whether any of these remedies are available to you, and, if so, can invoke them so that you will not be forever burdened with a criminal record.

The criminal justice system is complex. You should not try to navigate it by yourself, or with an inexperienced lawyer. Although no honest lawyer will guarantee results, it is certainly true that you improve your chances of a satisfactory resolution when you are represented by a criminal defense lawyer experienced in all facets of the criminal law.

I have been certified as a criminal law specialist by the State Bar of Texas since 1984. All I do is defend persons charged with crime. Since becoming licensed to practice law in 1979, I have handled several thousand criminal cases of just about every type in District, County, and Federal Courts around the state. When I can resolve a case to my client’s satisfaction before trial, I do so. When a jury trial is necessary, I do that. Additionally, I have handled many cases on appeal, and have orally argued cases at every appellate level in the Texas and Federal Courts, including the United States Supreme Court. Also, I have expunged and sealed the arrest records for many of my clients.  You can read about some of the cases I have handled in the "Criminal Defense" and "Media" sections of this website.

  In addition to my full-time law practice, I am an Adjunct Professor of Law for St. Mary’s University School of Law, where I have taught Texas Criminal Procedure and seminars on Capital Murder. I also help teach in the St. Mary’s Criminal Justice Clinic, which I co-founded in 1994. And I regularly teach continuing legal education classes on a variety of criminal law topics to other lawyers throughout the State.  You can read some of the articles and papers I have published in the "Publications" section of this website.

  If you consult with me about your criminal case I will use my training and experience to honestly assess and evaluate your situation. If you hire me I will do everything the law allows to try and resolve your case in the way you want.  Call me if you think I can help.